10 Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea in Your Diet

10 Ways to Enjoy Matcha Tea in Your Diet

There are all types of tea in this world, but there’s a particular variety that keeps stirring everyone’s taste for earthy, umami flavor—the famous Matcha Tea. This creamy, aromatic, vibrant green powder is rich in antioxidants and is quite known to produce a complex taste that people crave for. 

While most know that it’s traditionally prepared by stirring the powder into boiling water and whisking it until frothy, you’d be surprised to know that there’s more to it than just a sippy cup. Nowadays, menus worldwide include it on smoothies, baked treats like pan, donuts, cakes, mochi, and more.

Feast yourselves with this list of matcha recipes you can easily make to satisfy your cravings!

1. Matcha Latte

Whip up a classic matcha latte to pamper yourself and detox the stress away. Combine 1 tsp of matcha powder with 2 oz of hot water. Then pour on 6 oz of steamed milk and serve. Add ice if preferred—nothing like a classic frothy drink to keep you cozy on a lazy afternoon. 

2. Matcha Ice Cream

    What’s suitable for dessert? Matcha goodness! Just mix 2 tsp of matcha powder with 1 cup of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Have yourself this sweet treat with a dash of rich, earthy flavor.

    3. Matcha Chia Pudding

    Here’s a healthy dessert for you. Combine 2 tbsp chia seeds, a cup of almond milk, and our star ingredient, 1 tsp matcha powder. Add 1 to 2 tsp of maple syrup for flavor and healthy flair. Blend or shake it in a closed container then refrigerate overnight to serve for the next day!

    4. Matcha Popcorn

    Spice up your movie nights at home with a twist on your classic popcorn. Prep your popcorn then drizzle with olive oil. Top it off by sprinkling matcha powder and salt on it. Now, dig in and enjoy your show!

    5. Matcha Smoothie

    Detox now comes with rich, umami flavor with this recipe. Put a frozen banana, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 to 2 tsp honey or syrup, and 1 to 2 tsp matcha in a blender. Shake well until puree turns smooth. 

    6. Matcha Fro-Yo Pops

    Treat the kids and the kids-at-heart with these refreshing delights. Mix matcha powder with plain yogurt and some honey, freeze in popsicle molds, and then enjoy yourselves!

    7. Matcha Oatmeal

      Want a twist to your usual, plain oatmeal? Just add 2 tsp matcha powder and throw in some nuts and sliced fruits you love to your morning oats. 

      8. Matcha Jell-O

      Here’s a Jell-O mix you need to try. Combine 3 cups of hot matcha tea, ¼ cup of honey, and 3 tbsp of gelatin powder in a bowl. After the mix, pour into a silicone ice tray or mold and let it sit overnight in your fridge. 

      9. Healthy Matcha Pan or Baked Goods

      There’s no need to drop by the bakery to find yourself a matcha bread. Just add 2 to 4 tsp of matcha powder to bread dough, cake batter, or cookie dough before baking. You can add more flavors by using banana bread dough for that extra satisfaction.

      10. Matcha-Spiced Dishes

      Elevate your cooking skills by infusing matcha to your meals. Combine the powder with the spices you love, such as garlic powder, black pepper, and paprika, then dash some sea salt to your usual fries, dry rub meat dishes, or plain scrambled eggs.

      The Bottom Line

      Matcha tea is more than just a green, creamy delight that can warm you up. It can be a healthy and delicious addition to any drinks, dishes, and desserts you’re craving for, making it a versatile ingredient that can open up a world of flavors. 

      By incorporating matcha tea into your regimen, you can reap a wealth of benefits - from protecting your liver, contributing to weight loss, promoting a healthy heart, and boosting your brain function all within a delectable snack.

      If you’re looking to add100% organic matcha green tea powders to kick your meals up a notch, we offer some of the best natural selections with a healthy blend of ingredients. Get in touch with us at to see how we can help you! 

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