5 Surprising Ways to Use Tea in Your Recipes - What to Know

5 Surprising Ways to Use Tea in Your Recipes - What to Know

When most people think of tea, they imagine enjoying it in a cup as a hot beverage. It has been taken for many centuries as a warm drink. More recently, tea flavors have made their way into smoothies, lattes, and other cool drinks. However, one surprising method of consuming tea that you may not have tried yet is to add it as an ingredient to your favorite dishes. 

Tea comes in a variety of flavors and can season any dish or pastry just like an herb or a spice. If you’re looking for ways to get creative with your cooking, you can try using a few of your favorite leaves or ground tea powder. In this article we’ll show you five ways you can cook and bake with tea:

1. Infused tea butter

If you love butter, infuse them with tea! Boil the butter in a pan and add finely ground loose leaf tea. Allow it to steep for several minutes on low heat so that you don’t brown your butter. Pour the flavored butter into an airtight container and refrigerate until solid. You can enjoy it spread on top of bread, scones, or cakes. Here’s agood recipe to get you started.

2. Tea salad

Some teas make great additions to tossed salad. You can steep the leaves in hot water first to temper the flavor, then drain and chop the leaves. You can either add the tea to your salad dressing or sprinkle them directly onto a bed of greens. You can try a recipe forBurmese tea leaf salad using loose green tea.

3. Use it in a marinade

To marinate meat is to add flavor to it. Marinades typically involve a base, such as a cooking wine, vinegar, or cider mixed with herbs and spices. You can use tea leaves in fish, beef, or chicken marinades to add a surprising sweetness. Ground tea powder can also be used toseason your marinade.

4. Add tea to your batter

Matcha powder, which originates from Japan, is a popular flavor of tea that is used in many Japanese cakes and pastries. If you’re familiar with it, Matcha powder has many health benefits. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, and you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy it, try mixing ourAlmond Matcha powder into yourgreen tea mug cake

5. Flavor your cream filling

What do doughnuts, cream puffs, and eclairs have in common? They all need a cream center to complete them. You can flavor all sorts of pastries with a tea-infused cream filling by simply steeping your tea in heavy cream and milk. Flavored creams can also be used to fill crepes or make delicious pies. Try this exquisitechai tea cream puff you can make with ourground chai tea powder

Wrapping Up

There are many more ways to infuse new flavors into your food. You can experiment with your staple dishes to see what new depths and dimensions of flavor you can discover by adding just a few ounces of tea.

We offer a wide range ofground tea powders that you can choose from. Browse our store today to see what exciting new tea experiences you can enjoy. 

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