Cooking with Tea

Cooking with Tea

Tea powder vs. Tea leaves

We are all aware of the benefits tea can provide us, we've all been informed of the antioxidant-rich
properties among other things that tea possesses but what if I told you, you only ever receive a small
fraction of the nutrients through each serving...

What if I stated that you may have potentially wasted your time and money on standard tea products that don't offer much in the way of nutrients? It would be okay to feel a little denial at this stage as up until now,
we've all believed religiously in the benefits that tea provides. With that being said, we haven't been lied to all our lives... Tea is beneficial to our mind and body,just not in the form we consume it in...

It's becoming more and more apparent that our standard method of consumption leaves very little nutrients
for us and most of the nutrients still in the cup we drink from. This is due to the form of consumption,
unfortunately. Regardless of whether it's a standard loose leaf tea or a tea bag itself, there is only one form of consumption that will allow us to receive the nutritional health benefits associated with tea, that being the consumption of the tea leaf itself.

Now obviously we can't start munching on tea leaves 24 hours a day, that might be a bit unpleasant, or maybe not... This
is why the opening of numerous brands and supplement companies occurred, a loophole has been found!
Tea powder is a powdered form of the tea leaf. This product allows for a drinkable version of the tea leaf
and is utilised the same way as a standard cup of tea. The product is placed into a cup, engulfed in nearly
boiling water and consumed.

What makes this product far more superior is the one and the simple fact that you do not receive a small
fraction of the nutrients but all of them! That being said, let's get into some fantastically, innovative ways
you can implement tea powder into your life
alongside some other important notes.


Why you should consider cooking with tea powder -

The human body should be regarded as a very complex machine that requires numerous different fuel
sources. By viewing it this way, it helps to highlight the fact that things can go wrong in the absence of
proper nutrition but also that things can run perfectly in the presence of good quality nutrition.

With all this being said, it's never too late to start living your life for the better, this means formulating and
incorporating a deliciously healthy nutrition plan. This first starts with choosing the correct food sources.

When formulating your meal plan, try to put together an array of different food sources. The different food
sources will all help towards achieving a balanced diet. Once this is achieved, this is when you should
consider implementing some ground tea!
As mentioned earlier, ground tea is the tea leaf itself ground-up into a powdered form. This powdered form
is especially handy as it can be added to anything you desire!

Feel as though your dessert is a little bland? Just add some ground-up tea! Want to add a little nutrition
towards those Friday-night pizzas? Sprinkle on some tea powder! When your favourite foods are unhealthy,
you change the game by adding this incredibly nutritious formula!
The fact of the matter is this, tea powder is incredibly nutritious. Its form takes on a far more superior
outlook when considering its nutritional benefits. This form is the only form that will deliver 100% of the
benefits as promised, as opposed to eating the tea leaf itself which to be quite frank, no one wants to do.

As stated earlier, you can add this extremely nutritious food/beverage source to any meal you desire.
Regardless of whether your meal is healthy or unhealthy, adding some ground-up tea powder to your meal
can turn the tables in your life, giving you that nutrition you may never receive from any other food source.


Feeling motivated? Consider these recipes!

So, you've gotten this far without leaving, how about I reward your loyalty by jotting down some recipes for

you. Do take note, for your recipes to go as smoothly as possible, you will need to ensure the tea powder is
mixed well before use. Not doing so could result in the formation of clumps which would only serve to ruin
any recipes and ideas you try to put together. Enough said, let's get into it.


Make soup much more nutritious with tea powder!

This like most recipes on this list would be far more effective when done from scratch, however, some of us simply don't have the luxury of time.
With that being said, try adding some tea powder to homemade or pre-made soups. Doing this may
give the flavour that improvement it's always needed whilst simultaneously contributing to a more
nutritionally dense food.


Want some new seasoning? Just use tea powder!

Tea powder is just as nutritious if not more than regular
seasoning and if you're someone who enjoys adding seasoning towards every meal, why not consider a
far more superior option! You can alter the type of tea powder depending on the meal you choose to
combine it with. By doing this you ensure every meal with be brimming with taste to further satisfy
your heart's desire.


Throw out those bags of flower and use tea powder!

Are you a fan of baking? If so, I have an
incredibly nutritious surprise for you... The next time you decide to bake those cookies you love
making, use tea powder instead of normal baking flour. Or perhaps cake is a preferred treat if this is
the case just make it from tea powder! Doing this ensures you can start enjoying your favourite treats,


Make even the unhealthy foods, healthy!

Ice cream a go-to? Or perhaps you prefer biscuits and
cakes. Regardless, if you regularly enjoy sugary treats like this, why not swallow any guilt along with
those treats by adding ground-up tea! You can do this when formulating your treats from scratch but if
you're short on time, just simply add the tea powder to you chosen pre-made dessert!

Combine your favourite protein sources with another kind of goodness!

There's not a living thing
on this planet that can survive without protein. Some of us prefer to indulge in protein-rich food
sources such as fish, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, tofu, beans and many more. On the downside,
surviving on protein alone can be very detrimental towards our health, the body needs other sources of
nutrients. This is precisely why adding some tea powder to your chosen protein sources is a fantastic
idea! It will not only add some flavour to a potentially dull-tasting piece of meat but it will balance out
its nutritional profile!

Formulate the perfect smoothies with tea powder!

If you're well versed in areas of nutrition, you
will know that smoothies made up of and combined with the right fruits and vegetables can be
outstandingly nutritious. In this case, the tip of the iceberg would be adding some tea powder into your
next smoothie! This will not only add a unique touch in areas of flavour but it will add such a large
amount of nutrients that no other superfood will compare!

Combine tea powder with oatmeal for the perfect breakfast.

Those of you opting for a healthier
lifestyle through nutrition will often turn to oatmeal for breakfast. This is without a doubt a wise
choice as oatmeal has been deemed a nutritious food source accompanying many benefits but what if
you could amplify those benefits? By adding ground up tea powder to your oatmeal, you will certainly
do that!

Turn your protein shake into a gold mine for nutrition!

If you're into fitness, you've probably
heard or may even consume protein shakes. If this is the case, you will understand that protein shakes
contain a rather large dose of protein and only protein. Why not accompany this lonesome
macronutrient with numerous antioxidants and other minerals found in tea powder! By doing this you
turn your already very healthy shake into a nutritional powerhouse which will only serve to benefit
you in ways you may have not yet realised!

Here is a link to a website that may provide some inspiration for more ideas -

The bottom line -

The recipes and ideas listed above are all extremely effective ways to utilise tea powder but don't stop
there! If you manage to come up with any better ideas that better suit your lifestyle, feel free to combine this
superfood with any meals, beverages or desserts of your choosing.
So, after a read through this article you now know that not only is this superfood extremely nutritious but
that it can be added to a wide array of different foods, suited to your desires of course.
That being said, why not get started today? There's no need for consuming a standard cup of tea anymore,
not when you have this newfound knowledge at your disposal.
Feeling inspired yet? Are you finally determined to start treating your body with the care it deserves? If so,
go ahead and check out the products we have listed, there is something available for everyone, even if you're
not big on tea!

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