Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which Should You Choose?

Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Which Should You Choose?

With the seemingly endless types of teas to choose from today, it can be overwhelming for an average tea-drinker. However, two of the most popular and universally-beloved options are black tea and green tea.

Black and green tea come from the same plant: theCamellia sinensis. However, what sets them apart is that they are processed differently, and it's these differing processes that give each tea its distinct color and flavor. 

That said, which of the two tea types should you choose?

Black Tea

Leaves for black tea are scrunched and curled to expose the plant to oxygen, and this process is called oxidation. Black tea is then fermented for anywhere between one to four hours. The longer the fermentation process, the darker the color and the more profound its flavor. 

Green Tea

Green tea is not fermented, and thus it retains the leaves’ green color. Sometimes the leaves are steamed to enhance the color; otherwise, they are pan-toasted to stop the oxidation process. 

The Flavors

Green and black teas have different flavors, with black tea having a stronger flavor characterized as earthy, smoky, and smooth. You may also get hints of nuts or caramel with black tea. 

On the other hand, green tea has a sharper flavor with a bit of a grassy taste. Due to the lack of fermentation, the taste is more astringent, and thus it’s recommended to drink green tea on an empty stomach. 

The Benefits

These teas have similar benefits, but here are some of the benefits that set them apart from each other: 

  • Black teas are known for their potent antioxidant power due to the fermentation process
  • Black tea is considered a functional food due to the high level of antioxidants in it
  • Green tea comes with more substantial antioxidant power than black tea because it undergoes less processing

Popular Types of Green Tea

Green tea is incredibly popular, with many prevalent types. Here are some of the popular types of green tea that you can find today: 

  • Sencha
  • Sencha is produced in Japan and is known for its refreshing essence. It contains a light grassy and earthy flavor. 

  • Jasmine
  • Famous for its aroma, Jasmine tea is another popular type of green tea today. If you’re looking for a tea with a touch of sweetness, then you’ll find jasmine tea perfect for you. 

  • Matcha
  • This is a Japanese green tea that is turned into a fine powder and mixed in hot or cold water (can also be mixed with milks or juices). It contains a high amount of chlorophyll and amino acids.

    Popular Types of Black Tea

    If you want a stronger cup of tea, then you can choose from these popular black tea types:

  • Keemun
  • This is a popular tea in China with a light and fruity flavor. It is usually compared to the taste of unsweetened cocoa. 

  • Darjeeling
  • Popular in India, Darjeeling is popular for its malty flavor. Its boldness is perfectly mixed with milk and it’s usually served as a breakfast tea. 

  • Ceylon
  • Ceylon tea is also known as Sri Lankan tea. It’s popular for its strong, brisk flavor and light appearance. It contains citrus, chocolate, and spice. 


    As you can see, both black and green teas are beneficial and come equipped with various flavors. However, regardless of whether you choose black or green tea, you’re sure to enjoy each and every cup for there variety of vitamins and minerals.

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