Is Tea powder a Superfood?

Is Tea powder a Superfood?

Is tea powder a superfood?


If you're a regular consumer of tea, chances are, you're aware of the potential health benefits that may follow from regular consumption. Whether black, white, green or herbal, tea is considered an extremely healthy beverage and this is for good reason.


Tea typically possesses a wide array of beneficial substances all commonly known to benefit this body is a variety of ways. This might include lowering the risk of cancer, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body.


What most people haven't heard of is the healthier, much more superior form of tea. This form of tea accompanies double if not triple the number of nutrients provided through standard tea.


This what might be referred to as the godfather of tea is the real deal and is becoming more and more popular every day but what is it? What makes this alternative so much better? This article will go over the magic of tea powder, why and how it's different, alongside the benefits you can expect to experience from consumption.


What's the difference between tea powder and standard loose leaf tea?


Standard loose leaf tea is no doubt beneficial to our health, it's filled with a wide array of components that all assist the body in everyday functions. The beneficial components found in loose leaf tea and tea powder are perfectly aligned but are delivered in different dosages which is precisely what makes the two so different.


At this point, you might be asking, why does the tea powder deliver so much more nutrients than the standard loose leaf tea? In simple terms, this is all down to the form they're presented in.


When a standard loose leaf tea is concocted, the water in the cup only absorbs a small handful of nutrients from the leaf. This, in turn, leaves the remaining nutrients in the leaf which just so happens to be a rather large amount.


On the other hand, tea powder is very self-explanatory. Tea powder consists of perfectly ground up tea leaves, this is done with such finesse that when added to boiling water the powder dissolves entirely, therefore making it drinkable.


In conclusion, the standard loose leaf tea offers a very small amount of nutrients that will certainly benefit you but will require numerous cups before and benefits can be felt. Tea powder, on the other hand, offers the full spectrum of nutrients found in the tea leaf making for an extremely nutrient-dense beverage.


The benefits of consuming tea powder -


As stated in the paragraph above, tea powder delivers the full spectrum of nutrients that tea leaves have to offer. This means one cup of tea powder will be delivering you the full package of nutrients and these nutrients accompany a wide array of benefits, let's take a deeper look into what these benefits are!


  • Tea powder delivers a huge amount of antioxidants!For those of you who don't know, antioxidants are an array of compounds commonly found in plant-based products, this might include fruit and veg. Antioxidants are extremely helpful and assist the body in fighting lifelong disease, aging and also help detoxify the body.
  • Tea powder improves energy levels and brain function. Like standard tea and coffee, tea powder contains caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant known for its fatigue-reducing effects. The combination of reduced fatigue combined with an increased heart rate allows for better concentration and increased alertness.
  • Tea powder can fight infection and kill viruses. The catechins found in green tea have been found through various studies to possess bacteria-fighting effects. Other studies suggest this ingredient accompanies the potential to effectively eliminate the flu virus, furthermore reducing your risk of developing any of these illnesses.
  • Tea powder can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies on green tea conclude that improved insulin sensitivity can be seen in those who regularly consume it. This is important as being insulin sensitive means less stress on your pancreas, this is the organ that produces insulin. Chronic insulin resistance can cause the pancreas to stop working which in turn increases your chances of type 2 diabetes.
  • Tea powder may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. This health condition is widely responsible for a large number of deaths around the globe and those who consume tea powder may potentially reduce their risk by up to 31% according to studies.


Why tea powder is a superfood -


There are numerous foods and beverages out there considered to be superfoods, some might surprise you and some won't. Regardless, a superfood is considered to be a food or beverage that is both nutritionally dense and nutritionally healthy for the most part.


Superfoods typically display a large abundance of either vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and even macronutrients. Superfoods will typically deliver large amounts of any of these nutrients making them extremely useful to the body and as we've discussed, tea is certainly one of them.


The tea leaf is no doubt a superfood. Its huge amount of nutrients combined with the rather large amount of benefits associated with consumption is incredibly impressive. To experience the benefits from the tea leaf, you must consider the form it is consumed in.


As we've already established, a standard loose leaf tea may only deliver a very small amount of nutrients due to the remaining amount being trapped in the leaf. Also, the idea of eating tea leaves on their own just simply sounds quite unpleasant although will still be as effective if desired.


With that being said, the only other and best alternative is tea powder! Tea powder is the best form of tea, it's drinkable, easy on the stomach and will deliver you the full spectrum of beneficial nutrients without leaving any out.


Additionally, there are many sources of tea powder out there that are mixed in with other ground-up food sources that happen to be also considered superfoods, making for an unbelievably healthy food source. This combination of benefits combined with the ease of use makes tea powder a superfood that anyone can enjoy without the worry of wasted nutrients!


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