Is Tea powder a Superfood?

Is Tea powder a Superfood?

If you're a regular consumer of tea, chances are, you're aware of the potential health benefits that may follow from regular consumption. Whether black, white, green or herbal, tea is considered an extremely healthy beverage and this is for good reason.

Tea possesses a wide array of beneficial substances all commonly known to benefit the body in a variety of ways. This might include lowering the risk of cancer, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body.

Most people aren't aware, but there is a much more nutritious form of standard tea out there right now... This form of tea delivers double if not triple the number of nutrients provided through standard tea. If we compare the antioxidants in a cup of green matcha and a cup of green brewed tea, we are looking at  about 130 times the potency.

What might be referred to as the godfather of tea is the real deal and is becoming more and more popular every day but what is it? What makes this alternative so much better? This article will go over the magic of tea powder, why and how it's different, alongside the benefits you can expect to experience from drinking it! :)

What's the difference between tea powder and standard loose leaf tea?

Standard loose leaf tea is no doubt beneficial to our health, it's filled with plenty of components that all assist the body with everyday functions. The beneficial components found in loose leaf tea and tea powder are perfectly aligned but they are delivered in different dosages, this very factor alongside the form of the tea is precisely what makes the two so different.

At this point, you might be asking, why does the tea powder deliver so much more nutrients than the standard loose leaf tea? In simple terms, this all comes down to the form they're presented in.

Here's what you really need to know, when a standard loose leaf tea is concocted, the heated water in the cup only draws out a small handful of nutrients from the tea. The largest percentage of the nutrients will remain in the leaf. 

On the other hand, tea powder is quite literally the tea leaves ground-up and presented in a powdered form. The growing process also has a play in the fact that it holds higher chlorophyll levels and higher amino acid count. The plants are grown in shade such as umbrellas or tents (there are many different techniques) and this increases the production of amino acids.This is done with such finesse that when added to warm water, the powder becomes drinkable.

As you can now see, both beverages will undoubtedly offer you a wide spectrum of nutrients. However, since the standard loose leaf tea will only offer a smaller number of nutrients, it would seem that opting for the whole leaf would just make sense. From this very fashion, tea powder was born! :)

 The benefits you will surely experience consuming tea powder

As stated in the paragraph above, tea powder delivers the full spectrum of nutrients that tea leaves have to offer. Now let's dive into what it has to offer in  terms of benefits,


  • Tea powder can reduce your risk of developing cancer!Perhaps one of the most well-known diseases is cancer. This disease can affect anyone at any time and can become fatal if left untreated. The antioxidants found in tea can drastically help in this fight, they improve the body's ability to formulate new cells, this, in turn, lowers your risk of cancer. 


  • Monks have used this for centuries for prolonged focus and relaxed attention span. Tea powder contains more caffeine than steeped tea, but still less than coffee, and this stimulant is known for its fatigue-reducing effects.

  • Detoxifies naturally & efficiently with its high doses of chlorophyll, eliminating heavy metals and chemicals from your body.

  • Holds caffeine and amino acids called L-theanine. Together they provide a long lasting energy boost while keeping your mind calm and less agitated than coffee.

  • Helps fight infection and kill viruses. The catechins found in green tea have been found through various studies to possess bacteria-fighting effects. Other studies suggest this ingredient accompanies the potential to effectively eliminate flu viruses, furthermore reducing your risk of developing any of these illnesses.

  • Can help with lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a very serious health condition and it occurs when the body becomes resistant to and or stops producing insulin. Drinking tea powder has been shown to effectively improve insulin sensitivity.

  • May lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. This health condition is widely responsible for a large number of deaths around the globe and those who consume tea powder may potentially reduce their risk by 31% according to studies.


 Why tea powder is an astonishing superfood!

There are numerous foods and beverages out there considered to be superfoods, some might surprise you and some might not. Regardless, a superfood is considered nutritionally dense and or filled with a large number of beneficial components. 

Superfoods typically display a large abundance of either vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or other beneficial compounds. They deliver large amounts of any of these, making them extremely useful to the body and as we've discussed, tea certainly qualifies in all these areas!

As we've already established, a standard loose leaf tea may only deliver a very small amount of nutrients, the rest just stays in the leaf, tossed to the side..

Next time you want to drink a fresh up of tea, try whipping up a black match latte and see what it can do for you and your taste buds ;)



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