Jamaican cocoa tea

Jamaican cocoa tea

Since tea has become recognized as an extremely healthy beverage, the number of delicious tea recipes and combinations has become an overgrowing occurrence. 

Teas blended with spices, herbs, sweets, superfoods and even chocolate can all be found on the market. You can easily find them in powder, extracts or infusions. But are they organically grown? Are they all sourced ethically? You might want to double-check on these factors...

If your tea ingredients are not organic, then you'll be consuming the chemicals injected or sprayed in the growing process of those foods. And knowing if your food is ethically sourced is important for both your own consciousness and the well being of the workers growing your them.

Although it was much harder to find real organic tea blends, there are quite a few tea companies that have started making more desirable ingredients available.

With that being said, have you heard of Jamaican cocoa tea or - Jamaican hot chocolate, it has literally taken the market by storm in recent years, and that's because it's so beneficial for the body and the mind, not to mention it tastes like a chocolate utopia. 

In this article, you'll get to know this beverage on a personal level. More specifically, I'm going to discuss the ingredients this drink is made with, alongside the benefits you'll experience after consuming. I will also outline precisely why this tea has become extremely popular in recent years! Keep reading to find out more...

What is Jamaican cocoa tea?

Jamaican cocoa tea - (Jamaican chocolate tea) is a deliciously formulated beverage with many tones of flavour. It's typically made with several ingredients which I will list in just a moment.

This tea was created and meant to be consumed during breakfast, however, this certainly doesn't mean you can't enjoy this beverage at any point in the day!

It's worth noting that regularly consuming this chocolaty drink is known for helping the mind with better intuitiveness, clarity and meaning, and even energetic healing.

Feeling inspired yet? Here's a list of ingredients you'll need to create your own Jamaican cocoa tea - Feel free to experiment, there is no better chef than yourself when it comes to your own taste buds ;)

Makes 2 servings

  • 1 ½ cup of preferred milk
  • 1 ½ cup of hot water (almost boiled)
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract
  • 2 grated chocolate balls
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/3 tsp of ground nutmeg

    With these ingredients combined, you now have the formula to create your very own revisited Jamaican chocolate tea!

    With that being said, do not feel limited to this list. If you feel like tea could use a personal touch, add a drizzle of your own ingredients.

    Check out our own version of this incredible drink!

    Benefits of Jamaican cocoa tea

    If you've had the chance to browse through our other blog posts, you'll know and understand that raw/organic ingredients/food sources usually offer a very large amount of nutrients. 

    In this case, the benefits this tea will undoubtedly provide you with can be attributed to the cinnamon, nutmeg and the chocolate balls.

    All three of these ingredients are completely organic and they each provide the body with some incredible benefits, this can be attributed to the nutrients found in these ingredients. 

    So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at each of these three ingredients and the nutrients that are responsible for all the benefits! :)

    Cinnamon -

    • Cinnamon may reduce your risk of developing cancer! Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are incredibly beneficial to the body. They assist with numerous tasks, in this case, antioxidants help the body effectively formulate and maintain cell production, this in turn, lowers your overall risk of developing cancer.

    • A useful tool for lowering inflammation. Inflammation can be both good and bad for the body. This typically occurs through injury, illness and or poor dietary factors. In cases of chronic inflammation, adding this wonderfully nutritious spice to your diet can help to reduce your overall symptoms, therefore helping you live a happier pain-free life. 

    • Cinnamon can help prevent diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong condition that occurs when the body either stops producing insulin or if it becomes resistant towards its effects. This is known as insulin resistance and cinnamon can help prevent this by improving the sensitivity of your cells towards the hormone. 

    Nutmeg -

    • Nutmeg is fantastic for detoxifying the body. Over the course of the day, the body is continuously infested with harmful substances and toxins. These toxins can be found in the air, in our foods and in our drinks. Luckily for you, the powerful antioxidants found in nutmeg assist the body with the removal of such chemicals. 

    • Pain-relieving properties. Those suffering from chronic pain might find themselves looking for natural and effective remedies to help reduce their symptoms. In this case, adding some nutmeg to your food and drinks can go a long way towards promoting physical and emotional well-being. 

    • Nutmeg may relieve symptoms of insomnia. We've all experienced it, that tossing and turning aspect of a poor night sleep. For many, this issue isn't a common occurrence, for others, it most certainly is. For those of you who suffer with this regularly, try adding this spice to your meals. It is noted that this seed produces calming effects on the body, these effects help to calm both your body and mind before sleep. 

    Cocoa -

    • Cocoa may improve brain function! An under-performing brain can greatly affect any quality of life. Memory, sleep, mood and general well-being to be specific. However, you can remove any of these worries by ensuring the regular consumption of cocoa. This delicious ingredient is known for having blood flow improvement properties, thanks to it's rich polyphenol levels.

    • Cocoa can increase feelings of happiness. Feeling happy is an incredibly essential part of our lives. A lack of happiness can drastically affect any and all aspects of our lives in a negative way. Fortunately for you, cocoa holds power to improve feelings of happiness and joy. The flavanols are thought to be responsible for this positive effect on our mood. 

    • Cocoa may protect you from cancer. Every second in the body, cells are repeatedly being killed off and replaced with newer identical cells. When this goes wrong, a cancer is formed. The flavanols found in cocoa not only produce mood-enhancing effects - as mentioned earlier, but they also help to ensure all bodily cells are formed correctly. This, in turn, lowers your overall risk of developing cancer.

    As you can now see, this tea truly does deliver some wonderful benefits. These benefits go in the way of both physically and mentally, it really can't get any better than that!

    So, what is it that makes this tea so favorable? Is it the health benefits? Or is there something behind the scenes we're not aware of?

    Let's take a deeper look at this tea so we can understand precisely why this tea has become so popular in recent years!

    Why is Jamaican cocoa tea so trending?

    There are only two reasons in this world that will have you deciding to consistently consume a food or beverage source, these two reasons being taste and nutrition

    Listen, at a younger age, we usually don't care about the consequences of our actions. This typically applies to all areas of our lives as a younger person, including nutrition.

    This is precisely why kids often opt for sweets, chips and or chocolate to satisfy their hunger because they taste good! However, as we age, a poor diet can end up taking a toll on our health...

    We can no longer live off a poor diet for days on end as we could in our younger years. When this becomes the case, careful thought towards the foods and beverages we consume must be considered.

    We will eventually have to sacrifice the so called good tasting foods for healthy and a bit more dull tasting foods to further improve and maintain our health.

    It's not really that healthy foods are dull but mostly that they have less sugar or salt, and when you are used to a higher intake of sugar and salt you tend to need more of them. But the process of getting used to healthier food happens relatively fast, usually about a week or two.

    It's a sad yet truthful fact, most deemed healthy foods simply don't taste quite as good in the when starting out... This factor alone makes it that much harder to stick to a carefully put together diet plan

    This is precisely what makes Jamaican cocoa tea so undeniably fantastic! This tea offers both sides of the spectrum with very little negatives and a large list of benefits as seen earlier on :)

    All in all, the tea offers a beautifully put together beverage that'll not only satiate that sweet tooth you can't seem to shake, but it will benefit both your mind and body due to the large number of nutrients you will be taking.

    Why and how we have changed the game...

    If you've tried the Jamaican cocoa tea and are looking to take yourself and your taste buds one step further, your search is over!

    Our Jamaican cocoa twist will deliver you everything the Jamaican cocoa tea will and more! In this case, we've taken the original recipe and made it our own by adding several other life-changing ingredients:)

    These added ingredients allow for a much more nutritious beverage offering more flavor than ever before!

    Let's take a look at the ingredients this tea is made up of -

    • Black tea*
    • Cacao*
    • Coconut*
    • Cinnamon*
    *Ground & Organic

      The addition of the coconut and black tea is what really gives our product its unique flavour when referring to the original recipe. 

      Not only does our product accompany a much more flavorful beverage but you can expect to receive an even larger amount of benefits!

      As mentioned in our previous articles, black tea is one of the most powerful superfoods. It's extremely packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other compounds all known to be very beneficial to the body. 

      Coconut is also a very nutritious food source. It's widely known for its beneficial effects on the heart and organs, this all comes down to the healthy fats it holds. 

      In this case, we applied our knowledge of these crucial ingredients by adding them to one of our more favourable products!

      Since our tea blends are all finely ground tea powders, by adding your preferred milk, you can consume this beautifully crafted beverage anytime and anyplace, making it incredibly convenient for you and your lifestyle! 

      So, if you've tried original recipes and you're now searching for something more tasty, nutritious, or versatile for mixing in your drinks and cooking, I can happily say, you've reached the right place

      Here at Simpltea, we offer a wide array of different tea powder variations.They are not only very tasty but are extremely nutritious too, not to mention people mix them with everything and anything. Make baking more fun, make cooking pasta more exciting, or make your smoothies energetic and packed with the good stuff.

      Go ahead and take a look at some of the products we have to offer! In doing so,you will benefit both your body and taste budsin ways you've neverexperienced before! :)





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