Black tea powder! One of the most powerful superfoods.

Black tea powder! One of the most powerful superfoods.

What is Black Matcha?

With time, more and more naturally grown components have been recognised for their potential health benefits. Ingredients and food sources that were once tossed aside are now deemed some of the healthiest superfoods on the planet.

This has been the case for a very long time and this revolutionary breakthrough in science can be attributed to scientific advancements among other factors. These newfound and most recent discoveries have caused a rise in healthier human beings as well as the opening of numerous supplement and superfood brands alike.

There is one superfood that has been spreading like wildfire, one that is becoming more and more well known for its beneficial health effects, this being black tea matcha. Black matcha is a powdered and ground-up form of the tea leaf. This means when consumed, you will consume the entirety of the tea leaf, taking in all the nutrients and benefits associated with black tea.

Black tea matcha can be referred to as the godfather of standard black tea. How black tea matcha is formulated combined with the very form it is presented in is the very reason why it massively overtakes any standard from of tea when referring to its nutritional profile. Let's dive in and take a closer look at black tea matcha so you can further understand how this superfood came about.

When and where was black tea matcha discovered -

Like many superfoods and supplements on today's market, black tea matcha was formulated for its health benefits. It was and is used to promote good health and longevity among many other benefits.

The benefits associated with this superfood certainly isn't a scandal, this perfected form of tea has been consistently consumed and widely believed for its health benefits for over 800 years! Before any studies, examinations and or tests had taken place, black tea matcha was and is still believed to contain a wide array of medicinal and beneficial properties that simply not many other food sources will offer you...

Over 800 years ago, this form of tea was formulated in Japan. It was religiously consumed and favorited by the Japanese monks who believed it helped promote clarity of the mind, this aspect was especially beneficial before their meditation took place.

Due to the number of brain-boosting compounds found in this superfood, it's not hard to see why the Japanese believed this food source encouraged better brain function.

How is black tea matcha made -

As mentioned earlier, black tea matcha is the ground-up powdered version of the tea leaf but there's more to it than that. There is just as much work gone into the preparation of the tea leaf and not just the grounding up itself.

Black tea matcha originates from the plant - Camellia Sinensis. This plant is commonly utilised for the production of most teas on today's market. Before this tea is ground up, the black tea will be fermented and oxidised. This is done at specific temperatures to ensure the tea holds on to its nutritional value and flavour.

The leafs are then ground-up and converted to its well-known powder form. At this point, the powder is now ready to be utilised, this means you can begin formulating your black tea matcha!

To successfully brew your black tea, you should begin by filling your tea bowel with a small amount of hot water. You should then add about 1/2 teaspoon of black tea powder. The amount you put in is entirely dependent upon your desire although adding too much can altogether ruin your experience.

Once this is done, you should stir the beverage until there is no lumps or clumps present. If the mixture is simply too thick, try adding more water to even it out. Once the beverage has reached your desired thickness and is free of clumps, you can begin to enjoy your incredibly nutritious beverage!

The difference between green matcha and black matcha -

If you're already well vexed on the topic of matcha tea's you will know that green tea is also up there when referring to the number of beneficial health effects on humans. Some might argue that green tea matcha is a far more superior choice. Regardless, there are certainly a wide array of differences between the two, let's take a look at some.

  • Black tea matcha contains more caffeine.

    If you're drinking green tea for its caffeine, you might want to think twice. A cup of black tea matcha will almost every time deliver much more caffeine than green matcha.

  • Green tea matcha contains more antioxidants.

    The difference between the two matcha's is not significant, however, green matcha has been found to contain more antioxidants than black tea.

  • Black matcha may deliver a more coffee-like experience.

    The raw and unfiltered flavour, alongside the bigger caffeine hit, makes black matcha much more suitable for those who are fans of coffee.

  • Green matcha accompanies a true tea-like experience. 

    The amount of caffeine found in green matcha combined with the sweeter more gently fragranced taste means for a much more tea-like experience.

The truth is, while the differences listed above may be crucial to some people, there aren't a lot more than can be mentioned. Both black and green matcha is considered extremely healthy beverages delivering a very similar number of macro and micronutrients.

More specifically, the black tea will typically remain in the fermentation process much longer. This longer stay accounts for the higher caffeine content found in black matcha not to mention its darker shade. If you would like to learn more on this matter might I kindly suggest you read through this article discussing a very similar subject -

Getting creative with black matcha!

Considering this article has been primarily focused on the tea aspect of black matcha, it may come as a surprise that black matcha can be utilised for other purposes as opposed to just simply making a warm, tasty beverage!

Black matcha is powdered tea, this means you can quite literally add it to anything! By combining this extremely nutritious form of tea with another food source, you allow for double or even triple the consumption of healthy components, it's a win-win situation. So, without further ado, let's list down some healthy alternatives for you to try.

  • Alter your daily coffee with black matcha! 

    Bored with adding sugar to your coffees? Thinking about going down a healthier road? Forget the sugar and add some black matcha! By doing this you ensure the consumption of an extremely healthy beverage first thing in the morning.

  • Make even your ice cream nutritious.

    An extremely creative and innovative way to make even desserts healthy! Try adding your matcha to ice cream of your choice. Ensure that the flavour of the matcha does not compromise the flavour of the ice cream by pairing them accordingly.

  • Liven up your morning porridge!

    Porridge is very good for us, we all know this. Imagine how much more beneficial it would be if it were christened with black matcha! The combination of nutrients alone would make for a very healthy breakfast which is without a doubt a great way to start the day.

  • Gone is the guilt from those Friday night curries!

    Curries can be quite unhealthy, however, you can turn this around by adding some black matcha into the mix! The strong flavour associated with the curry will most likely hide the flavour from the matcha, therefore making it your secret ingredient!

  • Add a little nutrition when baking!

    Enjoy baking cakes? Who doesn't right? You can put a dampener on your guilt by baking with some black matcha! This will not only contribute to a very nutritious cake but may even compliment the flavour, it's a win-win situation!

  • Add nutrition to nutrition.

    Whether you're cooking or creating, try adding some black matcha to your favourite soups! Considering the nutrition ties to soup, adding some black matcha will only serve to amplify this!

  • Fry your vegetables with black matcha!

    Not only will your vegetables deliver more of a kick, but they will also, with no doubt, be more nutritious. In this case, you are quite literally adding a superfood to a superfood, this is surely a recipe for longevity and disease prevention.

  • Create a superfood smoothie.

    Throw in some kale, frozen fruit, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, yoghurt and black matcha and there you have it, a smoothie that could raise the dead!



Like I mentioned earlier, black matcha is a powdered substance, it can be added to anything. In this case, if you can think of any better food options then go for it. Get creative and you will find there are numerous recipes you can create from this formula that may better suit your diet.

Other uses for black matcha -

Black matcha is not only used for consumption purposes but it can and is used for external bodily purposes as well. When combined with the right chemicals, black matcha's beneficial health effects can be utilised through other bodily functions as you will soon see.

If you aren't familiar with health and skincare products, you probably aren't aware that some of the better quality and more natural products out there utilise black and green matcha for increased effectiveness. Their antioxidant-rich properties among others make matcha a very usefully effective ingredient for many skincare rituals across the world.

Let's take a closer look at some skincare rituals and products black matcha are used for in the world today.

  • Black matcha is great for encouraging hair growth. Having trouble growing your hair? Perhaps you have a date soon and want to present longer, flowing hair. The caffeine present in black matcha will help you achieve this. When applied to the skin, caffeine in its correct form can encourage further blood flow to the scalp, this, in turn, allows for more nutrient-rich blood to feed the hair roots causing more efficient growth.

  • This product makes for a great shampoo. This nutrient-rich superfood can be found in numerous shampoo products around the globe. This is primarily due to its hair moisturizing qualities alongside its ability to encourage blood flow, as mentioned previously. Black matcha has been religiously used as a shampoo all across the world for a very long time dating back further than 2000 years!

  • Makes for a perfect face mask! Also commonly used in face masks, black matcha's long list of beneficial effects never cease to cause wonders in the skincare community, there is a good reason for this. This outstandingly amazing product is filled with anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants and caffeine. The caffeine will encourage more blood flow to the skin, the anti-inflammatory compounds will reduce any swelling, redness and or puffiness. The antioxidants encourage a younger-looking face by carefully removing dead skin cells whilst simultaneously nourishing and rejuvenating the new skin underneath.

Here is a link to a website offering more benefits and usages just like this!

Why black matcha truly is fantastic!

Black tea matcha is an incredibly useful and healthy superfood that can be utilised in a huge variety of ways. It dates back further than 800 years and was formulated by the Japanese!

It was religiously used by those who were lucky enough to afford it and was believed to be extremely beneficial to the body and mind. These particular aspects were favoured by the monks who in turn consumed this tea daily.

We've also learnt that black matcha doesn't only need to be consumed via its intended form, it can be consumed when mixed in through various foods and beverages. This superfood can be added to any desired food or meal making it a food source that anyone can consume.

Not only can black matcha be utilised on any food source, but it can also be implemented into your daily skincare routine! The beneficial components found in black matcha are very beneficial to the skin and can produce results far greater than many other products out there!

Whether you wish to improve your skin, hair and or overall bodily health, black matcha is certainly an excellent approach you can take when trying to strive for something such as this!

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