The Benefits of Drinking Organic Tea - What to Know

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Tea - What to Know

jNo matter the season, tea remains to be a popular beverage due to its versatility, as it can be served either iced or hot. Its benefits, however, go far beyond just quenching thirsts. In fact, there is plenty of research showing that regularly drinking tea can do wonders for your health. 

A recent study by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, for instance, found that those who regularly consume tea were less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. Tea is also proven as a more sustainable choice. Despite the popularity and benefits, there are things we need to consider regarding our choice of teas. 

The best choice for tea remains to be those that are organically grown, which is why many have been switching their go-to tea bags for organic tea. Still in need of convincing? Here are the many other benefits of switching to an organic cup of tea:

1 - It’s the perfect choice for you 

While it may be true that pesticides and fertilizers are washed off in conventionally grown teas, plenty of these chemicals remain water-soluble, meaning that they remain in the leaf structure and only removed during steeping—in other words, you ingest some of the chemicals. Seeing that organic tea is made from natural processes, choosing organic keeps you away from the danger posed by harmful chemicals.  

Drinking organic tea also provides your body with essential nutrition such as antioxidants, which helps keep your heart healthy, reduces the risk of infection, and prevents the development of cancer. Theanine, another component found in tea, induces relaxation and soothes your mind. It’s the best alternative to caffeine, as coffee tends to make you feel rather shaky and nervous. Although mostly composed of water, it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin H (for your metabolism) and Biotin (for healthy hair and skin).  

2 - It’s better for the farmers in many aspects 

More than helping farmers avoid suffering from pesticide poisoning, going organic also enables you to sustain small farms and local farmers. As previously mentioned, conventional tea farming involves various chemicals that prevent anything from interfering with the crops. Organic farms, however, work with nature to manage pests and other issues that may arise. 

They have access to natural grasses where they use weeds as ground cover. Moreover, they utilize permaculture, which is a more comprehensive approach to organic tea farming—this cancels the need for any harmful chemicals. Moreover, your support for organic tea also directly helps small farmers sustain their own livelihoods. 

Plenty of tea available in the market are sold commercially, and farmers get little to no income due to a rather rigged system. Through organic tea, they are given better and well-deserved lives.

3 - It’s best for the environment 

Once again, tea conventionally grown uses pesticides imbued with many excess particles, including heavy metals. They pose threats to your health, the farmers, and of course, the soil and water used to grow teas. They often get washed into streams and contaminate everything along the way. Fertilizers also pose threats, as they tend to over-fertilize crops and plants that end up killing them, along with river and ocean species. 

Excessive use of fertilizers also hardens the soil in the long run, making it unfit for plants to grow. This dependency on chemicals has become a vicious cycle, and the rise of organic tea farming seeks to break that very same wheel. By choosing organic tea, you get to play your part! 

The Takeaway 

Drinking organic tea is the best alternative to high caffeinated drinks and other beverages, as it is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that help boost your body’s natural defenses. Moreover, drinking tea also empowers you to help local farmers and the environment, making it the best sustainable choice of drink!

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