The Important Things You Need to Know about Matcha

The Important Things You Need to Know about Matcha

When someone says the word "matcha," you might automatically think of that green powdery stuff you can find on desserts and drinks. That would be called green matcha. But did you know that matcha also comes in a brown variant, known as black matcha? There’s all kinds of matcha that you can find on the market, and the products that show up can range from food to skincare products. 

The Taste of Matcha

Have you ever tasted matcha before? If not, it tastes something like green tea thanks to its grassy notes. However, matcha is much more buttery and richer in flavor. Because of this, it works exceptionally well with drinks and desserts, especially when mixed with sweet items.

The Benefits of Matcha

Not many people know this, but matcha is considered to be one of the most potent superfoods in the world. How powerful? Let's try to put it into perspective.

One of the most well-regarded superfoods we can all agree on would be blueberries. But how much stronger are blueberries when compared to matcha? In actuality, matcha is more potent, about seventeen times more, to be exact—and that's just with ateaspoon of matcha. Compared to spinach, matcha is approximately sixty times more powerful, and compared to the standard green tea, over 130 times stronger. 

As you can see, matcha is quite powerful. Not only does it taste amazing, it is actually good for you!

Other benefits of matcha include enhancing your metabolism, helping you with managing your weight, and providing you with a constant energy boost you need to get through the day. Matcha is also known to help lower anxiety and studies have shown that it may even help prevent cancer.

As for coffee lovers out there trying to cut down on their caffeine intake, matcha is an excellent alternative. As previously mentioned, matcha gives that lasting energy boost that coffee provides, and does so with much less caffeine per teaspoon.

Enjoying Matcha

When it comes to enjoying the best that matcha has to offer, it is best done in liquid form. Like green tea, you brew matcha.

To brew matcha, simply boil a cup and a half of water, then let it sit in a cup for about five minutes. After that, pour in about half a teaspoon of matcha powder and let stir. With that done, whatever else you put in is totally up to you. If you want to drink something creamy, you can add non-dairy milk. You can even turn it into a matcha smoothie if you'd like!

The best thing about matcha is that it is versatile, meaning that it can work in various forms such as cakes and even drinks. 


Matcha is truly a fantastic product. Not only is it delicious and edible in various forms of dishes and drinks, but it’s also extremely healthy for the body, promoting your metabolism and giving you a vital boost of energy to carry you throughout the day. If you're interested in grabbing some matcha for yourself, you'll find plenty in store, all of which are made for different purposes, from cooking to even skin and hair remedies!

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