Top Health Benefits of Drinking Chai Tea - What to Know

Top Health Benefits of Drinking Chai Tea - What to Know

Teas—may it be warm black teas, herbal teas, cold green teas, or milk teas—are consistently getting popular and are well-demanded drinks worldwide. One that is rising in popularity is the chai tea. Originally from India, this drink mixed with milk has become a favorite latte option offered in coffee shops in the US, Europe, and Australia. 

What is Chai Tea?

“Chai” is a Chinese word that means “tea.” In India where it originated, “chai” refers to the mix of spices turned into a tea-like beverage because that’s how it’s made. In the western world, “chai tea” is the sweet drink with a spicy kick and great aroma. 

The usual chai tea blend is made of black tea, ginger, and other spices. The recipe or combination of ingredients might differ based on the culture of countries or your preferred combinations. The most common spices you’ll find are black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, fennel, nutmeg, star anise, and coriander seeds. 

What makes it different from the regular tea is the way it is prepared. The traditional way to brew chai tea is by using warm water and warm milk. 

You can buy chai teas in cafes, but you can also make a good cup at home by using instant tea powders

Why Chai Tea Is Gaining Popularity?

Aside from its unique flavor and essential nutrition, chai tea is gaining popularity because of its various health benefits. Here are some of the many benefits of drinking chai tea:

1. Improves digestion

The majority of tea variants help in regulating digestion. The key ingredients making this possible for chai teas are the ginger and black pepper. Ginger helps improve the circulation in your stomach by bringing oxygen to your digestive organs, while the black pepper helps the pancreas produce enzymes. These enzymes help break down fats and proteins, making the digestion process faster and more efficient. 

2. Helps get your day started

Chai tea also has caffeine content that it gets from the black tea leaves. The amount of caffeine differs based on the mixture of spices found in your chai tea variant, but it does help in giving you an extra boost in the morning. They say that a chai tea has at least one-third of the caffeine you get from a regular cup of coffee. 

3. Relieves nausea

If you’re feeling nauseous, try drinking a cup of chai tea, and it’ll make you feel better. The ginger is the master spice behind it. It has been a common treatment for people with motion sickness.Research shows that because of the ginger’s effect in speeding up digestion, it then translates into managing nausea and preventing the potential vomiting. 

Instead of just drinking ginger tea, try to get a wide range of nutrients from a chai tea while getting the same effects. 

4. Acts as a natural detox

The spices found in your chai tea are mostly detoxifying. These spices have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Some of these properties assist the liver in detoxification and stimulate the digestive system.


Drinking tea, aside from its great taste and calming sense, has many other health perks. To fully maximize the benefits of your chai tea, make it a point to eat well and eat healthily. Add it to your daily routine by mixing your chai tea powder to your daily food and drink. Check out our recipes page, each and every recipe is made with organic tea powders, learn how to use tea in your kitchen!

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