Why Combine Tea & Superfoods?

Why Combine Tea & Superfoods?

In this day and age, eating healthily can be struggling. The rather large list of different beliefs and rumors
surrounding particular food sources and beverages make it incredibly hard to understand what's good for us
and what's not.

This confusion can lead to being incredibly close-minded towards anything deemed as "healthy" for the
simple reason being a lack of trust and understanding. This is only one factor out of many that contribute
towards the overall struggle of eating healthily. At this point, all you can do is explore, try these so-called solutions out for yourself. With that being said, there are several trustworthy factors you should take into consideration. One factor might consist of the organic vs processed argument.

Listen, we all know processed food is bad. The number of chemicals gone into preparation not to mention
the artificial stages said food source might go through certainly sounds unhealthy. Organic and natural food
sources are the opposite, they are typically sold as they are picked deeming them - untampered with.
This is certainly a trustworthy basis to work to utilize when striving to eat more healthily. That said, allow
me to present you with a reliable food combination. This food combination will consist of entirely natural
food sources that are not only deemed healthy but extremely healthy.
This food combination being superfoods and tea. As you might be aware, tea is incredibly beneficial
towards our health and so are superfoods, hence the label. What happens when you combine the two? What
benefits should you expect to receive from doing so?

In this article, I'm going to break this down and to further assist you with achieving this, I will present you
with some food and tea combinations you should certainly check out. Let's dive in and take a closer look!
What are superfoods?

Before I present you with the benefits you might experience when combining tea and superfoods, you will
need to understand exactly what superfoods are why they are labelled this way.
The term "superfood" is derived and utilized towards specific organic and natural food sources filled with
nutritional compounds you simply won't be able to pull from any other food sources. More specifically,
superfoods are usually filled with numerous different macro and micro-nutrients so much so that
implementing these food sources into your diet may potentially produce profoundly wonderful effects.
Before I go any further, here is a list of some well-known superfoods -

  • Almonds
  • Berries
  • Kale
  • Beans
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Cacao
  • Tea powder
  • Coconut
  • Spinach

These alongside many other superfoods are all extremely nutritious one way or another. They will typically
provide you with a rather large dosage of vitamins, minerals and or macro-nutrients. This can be further
backed up, check out this more in-depth article on the subject -

Since they are not commonly consumed, an uncomfortably large percentage of the globe are simply not
getting enough nutrients. This means that those who are vitamin and or mineral deficient, consuming
superfoods will produce extremely wonderful effects on the body! Enough said, let's go into some of the
benefits you might experience from combining tea and superfoods and why you might experience them.


Tea and superfood - what to expect when the two are combined -

As we now know, superfoods are considered some of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are
typically presented in their raw, unprocessed form, therefore, remaining untampered with. The combination
of their nutrient-dense profiles combined with their untampered physical form makes them some of the
healthiest foods around.

If you're a regular visitor to this website you will know and understand just how beneficial tea is. As
mentioned in some of our previous articles, tea in its purest form is extremely nutritionally dense.
It's filled with numerous antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other essential ingredients required by the
body that are simply hard to take in through other food sources. This factor alone means that tea should be
an included food source taken in through everyone's diet but what happens when the two are combined?
Combining both tea and superfoods will create a nutritional power-house that no other food source alone
could reach. This would, in turn, promote health and longevity for as long as you continue to consume them
both but what sort of benefits you expect? Let's take a look.

Benefits you should expect to experience when combining the two -

Superfoods and tea have something in common, they both deliver a large number of antioxidants. For
those of you who don't know, antioxidants play numerous important roles in the body, this might include
body detoxification, ensured cell formulation, eye, hair, skin and nail optimization, maximized brain
performance and many more.

Roles like this are carried out by the body every day, antioxidants help to ensure that nothing goes wrong
which in turn prevents cancer but the benefits don't stop there, antioxidants aren't the only properties
found in superfoods and tea...
Other vitamins found in both tea and superfoods might include vitamin A, B, C, D, E and even K. What
many people don't understand about vitamins is that they work together in the body to maximize their

For example, Vitamin D doesn't effectively promote stronger bones in the absence of Vitamin K and
calcium. This is just one example out of many that might give you a better understanding of the way
vitamins work in the body.
This might sound bad but the point for mentioning this was to further enforce the combination of both tea
and superfoods and their effectiveness when combined.
All in all, not only will both tea and superfoods deliver an extremely high dose of vitamins, minerals and
antioxidants but the combination of different vitamins and minerals will ensure their utilization in the body. This guarantees any doubts you may have of the nutrients being absorbed and utilized in the body.

Now you that you have a better understanding of the potential benefits you might experience, let's get into
some superfood/tea combinations we have available for you to try!


Almond matcha -

One of our more favorable products in-store at the moment. As you can tell by the title, our almond
matcha combination consist of the ground-up almond nut and matcha tea powder.
Almonds are derived from the nut family making them a superfood but not only are they a superfood, but
almonds are also considered the most nutritionally dense nuts in the nut family. For this very reason,
we have formulated the perfect combination for those nut-lovers out there.
This product will deliver you a large number of antioxidants alongside some healthy fats and many minerals
that tend to be very hard to get your hands on! Here is a link to go see for yourself -
Almond Matcha Tea Powder

Jamaican cocoa twist -

Sounds delicious already right? Just wait till you try out this carefully formulated product! The
Jamaican cocoa twist takes one of the most delicious food sources in the world - cacao and turns it into a
nutritional powerhouse by combining it with coconut, cinnamon and our black tea blend!
This product not only hits that sweet tooth you can't seem to shake but delivers you a mind-boggling
amount of antioxidants and minerals. As stated earlier, antioxidants and minerals are essential to the body
for a large number of reasons.
By consistently taking them in through this delicious product, you know this is nothing but goodness.
Intrigued? Want to learn more about this product, go check it out for yourself -
Jamaican Cocoa Twist

Exotic chai -

This product certainly lives up to its name that's for sure! The exotic chai will make the perfect superfood
combination for those of you who prefer to satiate that sweet tooth through naturally sweet food sources.
This product consists of black tea, honey, cinnamon, ginger and fennel. These naturally sourced ingredients
will deliver nothing but goodness through taste and nutrition making this a perfect treat for those of you
looking to stay healthy whilst simultaneously satisfying that sweet tooth!
So, if you're looking to become the healthiest version of yourself without drying yourself out from taste, this
is the product for you!

Rose tea all-day -

If you're looking for a more unique product, this is it! The rose tea comprised of black tea, rose petals and
honey delivers a more gentle and approachable flavour that anyone will enjoy but that's not all this
brilliantly formulated tea offers...
Consistent consumption of this product will ensure a healthy heart, lowered stress, reduced inflammation,
reduced hunger alongside healthier skin, hair and nails. The healthier skin, hair and nails alongside the gentle but
sweet taste can be attributed to the added rose petals.
The long list of benefits combined with the amazing flavour is precisely why you shouldn't be missing out!
Check out this product in more depth -


Why you absolutely should combine both tea and superfoods -


After a read through this article, we now know that superfoods are deemed - superfoods, for the massive
amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients found in them. The number of
beneficial nutrients found in them combined with their natural and unprocessed state is precisely what
makes them so favorable.

As we've already established, tea is an extremely beneficial beverage. Often labelled as a superfood, tea
offers a wide range of nutrients all offering assistance with numerous roles around the body.
We now also know that vitamins simply aren't as effective when working alone which is precisely why
combining both teas with superfoods changes the game. It ensures proper utilization of all nutrients that are
taken in by the body.
This factor listed above combined with the number of overall nutrients found in both tea and superfood
makes combining the two an overwhelmingly beneficial ideology that only serves to assist the body in
numerous ways.

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