Our Story

Simpltea's adventure began in the country of Canada and was established with a simple goal in mind: to bring health and flavor together. All too often, healthy foods are thought to be bland, dry, and downright unappealing. We're here to change the game!

They say that they are what you eat—and we believe that's true! Your diet affects what you do, how you feel, and even how you relate to other people. That's why aim to provide SuperTea blends that will not only nourish your body but also your soul.

Who are we?

Simpltea was founded by a pair of passionate foodies committed to living healthy, active lifestyles. As avid travelers, we love experiencing new cultures and flavors. The more we traveled, the more we realized that there’s no better way to get a glimpse into a country than by enjoying a cup of its tea.

During our time traveling in Japan, we developed an affinity for Matcha and its complex, aromatic flavors. We learned that Matcha doesn’t only have to be enjoyed as a hot beverage—it’s amazing in pastries, ice cream, and even rice! And to make it even better, Matcha comes with some fantastic health benefits.

Our brand was created so that you can experience our journey with us through our products. Each blend is created with the goal of bringing health and taste together. Contrary to popular belief, the two don’t have to be separate! Whether you’re having an Almond Matcha latte or adding some Exotic Chai to your pancakes, you’ll be getting nutrients while enjoying delicious flavors!

We pride ourselves on strong ethics and respect for life, which is why you'll find all our products to be organic, cruelty-free, and packaged sustainably. Enjoying Simpltea is knowing our products aren't only good for you, but also good for the world.

Why tea?

Tea is a global affair. It transcends beyond being a mere drink. It’s a conversation, a connection, a way of life. Enjoyed in all corners of the world, tea comes in many forms, each having its own unique properties and rituals. The differences may be vast, but the purpose of tea remains the same—to make a connection, whether it is to a companion, a belief, or the source of the tea itself.

One of the best things about tea is how it means something different to each person. Some people drink tea to feel invigorated in the morning, while others associate it with winding down at night. Others still drink it to boost their immune systems and promote skin health. Tea can even be enjoyed as a spiritual experience! We’ve kept all these things in mind while creating our products. You can find SuperTea blends for a variety of needs—there’s a tea for every person out there, and yours is just waiting to be found!

At the end of the day, a simple cup of tea has the ability to connect people all around the world. We want to extend a part of this experience with you through our products. The precious moments in life aren’t always the major milestones—sometimes, it’s just the first sip of tea you have on a beautiful Sunday morning. And that’s what we’re here for.