Our story

Simpltea is Canadian based and our story began with a simple interest in the mix of Healthy Nutrition & Flavor. Me and my husband felt like we needed more nutritional elements in our every day diets, especially with our active lifestyle and not mentioning, an even more active toddler to manage. We then started testing multiple ingredients in our food, but we looked for not only nutriments but also flavor ! As we are passionate foodies and travel as much as we can, to discover new cultures that will surely bring new palettes of tastes and new dreams in our life. We wanted to share the experience we had and pleasure to enjoy simple healthy food. We then stumbled upon Tea Powders on one of our trips in Japan, where Matcha was already notorious and very common in their culture. We basically discovered that you can EAT TEA! We ate so many derivative products and amazing snacks you can make out of tea, and guess what? It tastes good and it's very healthy with full of nutrients 🤩 ! So we decided to start our own Tea Powder blends, based on a every culture we embraced and on ingredients that would contribute to a good fuel to our body. Here we are with Simpltea, for Simple precious moments of our Simple life.

Cheers !

Amal :)

Why ?

  • Because we love enjoying our food and drinks while ensuring a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because a simple cup of tea connects people around the world everyday.
  • Because it's the second most popular drink in the world, right after water.
  • Because we care about environment and we encourage eco-friendly packaging.
  • And simply because we love sharing our experience and findings with other people, that we had to extend to more then just our friends and families !